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This is why we help, this is why we strive, this is why we care.  This is who we are....

Christina Obrecht

I am a member because I am a survivor.  Having had non-hodgkins lymphoma at age 20 and given one year to live, I found myself lost and confused, angry at the world and angry at God.  I found hope and faith through my family and friends; and could not have done it without them!  I now know how serious these cancers and diseases can be, and love to help those who need it, as I had needed it then.  I believe we can make a difference, one step at a time.



Larry J. Zawaly

I was a former member of this organization because of our President Christina.  She has been an inspiration to me as a fighter, she never gives up on anything.  She is a strong individual that proves to me that anyone can do something if they put there mind to it. Most people give up to easily.  


So Far  we  have  donated over $6,000 to several cancer associations, including Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society, Abrahm's Cancer Center, etc.

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