Crusader's Photos

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Photo Gallery

Photos from our first coin pitch, to raise money to buy an AED for the Palmerton Police, and photos of some of the candles for our candle sale, as well as other fundraisers.

The crusader gang

Just some examples of the candles for sale

A few crusader members, selling candles at the Country Junction on Columbus Day

Country Junction Candle Sale

Myself, giving Dr. John Glick of the Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia, a $1,000 check

University of Pennsylvania; number 2 in the nation

Members of Crusaders, singing at the Whitehall Manor

Special thanks to Lori Hrebik for the photos

Ryan, Larry, Christina, Irene, and Bob

O Holy Night duet. Larry & Chrissy Below

Ryan Shupp as Santa Clause

Shakey Ground, Sam, Sandy, and Jenn Guido

Special thanks to Shakey Ground, for donating $200 to our organization!